December, 2018 Wrapped shooting on Sunday for film short Miles Brando Is A Crybaby directed by Russell Katz and produced by Andrew Galavanter! Wonderful cast with Martin Herlihy and Anthony Oberbey.

Irene Glezos 2018

October 2018 During curtain call of our closing matinee of The Rose Tattoo, some surprise flowers were delivered! Images by Lisa LLC (@birdddog1 on Insta) was photographing the show and caught the moment. Directed by Dana Greenfield. Pictured here with Vance Barton and Laurence Cantor. What a great time!

Irene Glezos - The Rose Tattoo


September 2018 Playing Serafina in The Rose Tattoo with Vance Barton as Mangiacavallo for the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival in September directed by Dana Greenfield! For tix:

Rose Tattoo 2018
Irene Glezos, Rose Tattoo 2018
Rose Tattoo - Irene Glezos and Vance Bart
Irene Glezos, Rose Tattoo 2018

April 2018 Back in NYC in pre-production for Park Slope Moms, a comedy series about moms in Park Slope, playing Nina Stansfield with Alexandra Foucard, Monica Wyche and Zillah Glory. Directed by Annetta Marion.

March 2018 Had the best time in New Orleans returning to Southern Rep, this time playing Clare in Tennessee Williams’ The Two Character Play with Joseph W. Rodriguez playing Felice.

July 2017 Tennessee Williams wrote: “Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else!” What an amazing voyage it was in Playhouse Creatures’ production of Tennessee Williams’ The Two Character Play directed by Austin Pendleton at the Duo Multicultural Center with Joseph W. Rodriguez playing Felice. Huffington Post Review by Jed Ryan.

April 2017
Nominated Best Actress by the Big Easy Entertainment Awards for her portrayal of Lady in Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending at Southern Rep in New Orleans directed by Jef Hall-Flavin.

Irene Glezos Big Easy Entertainment Awards

July 2016
Just wrapped shooting on a SAG indie film called Vessel co-written and co-directed by Jack Dilday and Johan Aidt. With Jack Dilday and David Newer. Had the best time shooting in the Catskills! Can’t wait to see the rough cut. A phenomenal filmmaking team!

June 2017
Had such fun working with Monica Wyche, Jonathan Strait and Kristie Larson on a short film called Sister Comma Frances. So impressed with director Rebecca Fay O’Neill and the whole team!

May 2016
I reprised the role of Lady in Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending in New York City at the Theatre at St. Johns Lutheran Church, 81 Christopher Street, pictured here with director Austin Pendleton.

Orpheus Descending, Irene Glezos

Recent reviews:
“Irene Glezos delivers a lovely, stirring performance as Lady in Austin Pendleton’s staging of Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece Orpheus Descending. A force of nature, Lady says and does things almost in spite of herself. A prisoner of her childlike sincerity, she is at once witty, ironic, funny, melodramatic, all almost without intending to be, as though an inner engine which she can’t really control is driving her. Ms. Glezos captures this essence of her character in its many details with magnificent nuance.”
–Dmitry Zvonkov for

“Leading the production as Lady Torrance, the Sicilian immigrant wife of the owner of a dry goods store, Glezos captivates the audience. She deftly conveys every layer of sorrow and anguish that envelops Lady, crafting a character whose pain is as rich as Williams’ elevated, dramatic language.”
–David Clarke for 

Read full reviews:
Tennessee Williams’ Rare Play, Orpheus Descending, Hits the Stage
–Out Magazine

Orpheus Descending