Nominated Outstanding
Leading Actress
Connecticut Critics Circle

“The fiery Irene Glezos blazes with intensity, a warrior who throws away her shield so we can see the nakedness beneath.”
~ David A. Rosenberg for Connecticut Critics Circle

“Irene Glezos’ strong performance stays glowingly in one’s mind long after the theoretical curtain falls.”
~ Irene Backalenick for Back Stage

“Would you like to see what may arguably be the best performance by an actress in this Connecticut Theatre season? It’s riveting, engaging, delightful theatre, all in all, a bravura performance that should not be missed.”
~ Geary Danihy for The Westport News




Nominated Best Actress
Big Easy Entertainment
Awards 2017

“Irene Glezos delivers a lovely, stirring performance as Lady in Austin Pendleton’s staging of Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece Orpheus Descending. A force of nature, Lady says and does things almost in spite of herself. A prisoner of her childlike sincerity, she is at once witty, ironic, funny, melodramatic, all almost without intending to be, as though an inner engine which she can’t really control is driving her. Ms. Glezos captures this essenceof her character in its many details with magnificent nuance.”
~  Dmitry Zvonkov for

“Leading the production as Lady Torrance, the Sicilian immigrant wife of the owner of a dry goods store, Glezos captivates the audience. She deftly conveys every layer of sorrow and anguish that envelops Lady, crafting a character whose pain is as rich as Williams’ elevated, dramatic language.”
~ David Clarke for

“Glezos is one of the most virtuosic actors I’ve ever seen, and her performance as Serafina allowed these talents to be on full display.”
~ Bess Rowen for


October, 2020

Last year this time I was part of an acclaimed run of Eric Fallen’s American Fables at Here Arts Center directed by Clark Morgan.  On October 9, we will be doing it on Zoom.  Presented byThe Dramatists Guild of America, directed by Clark Morgan, and featuring these amazing actors, click the Eventbrite link below to register and join us!


August, 2020

I am so excited to be doing a LIVE staged reading of Simon Stephens’ HEISENBERG with Albert Insinnia that’s being directed by Austin Pendleton as a benefit for Guild Hall in East Hampton on Sunday, August 23 at 8 pm! It will be outside and socially distanced for sure but WOW! Working on this play with Albert and Austin remotely helped me get through quarantine. So excited to be able to share it alive and aloud thanks to Kate Mueth and Josh Gladstone. Tickets available at:…/play-in-the-backyard-heisenber…/

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